Movie Review: The Giver

The Giver: An intriguing, haunting reminder of the indomitable human spirit — and of freedoms that could so easily be lost.

giver1a_lgMy husband and I saw The Giver earlier this week, and we agree that this film from Walden Media and The Weinstein Company is an excellently done, entertaining movie. The story is based on the book The Giver, a bestselling, Newberry award-winning, dystopian novel by Lois Lowry.

I have not read the book, so I entered into the story as someone knowing nothing about it, other than what appeared in the movie trailer. The story tells about a controlled society where everyone must conform in every way or be “released” (killed). Members of The Community take a daily dose of drugs to prevent negative emotions and help keep peace. Only one person, the Giver (Jeff Bridges), remembers how life was in the past. He must now pass on this wisdom to the chosen Receiver, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites). But as Jonas learns the truth about life, love, and the past, he must find the courage to make a life-or-death choice that will affect himself and everyone he loves.

I found the movie intriguing, and the questions it raised have haunted me all week. The Giver should provide a great catalyst for you to discuss important topics relating to life and faith with your teens and mature pre-teens.

  • Hgiver2a_lgow much do we value the freedoms we have, especially the simple, everyday ones we take for granted – like choosing what to eat, what to wear, and even what to think?
  • How much control should the leaders of a society or government be allowed to exercise over the people under them? How far can they actually go before it’s too late and freedom is lost?
  • We’ve seen how insidious man’s inhumanity to man can be – for example, through Stalin, Hitler, and currently ISIS. What is the proper response from a civilized people? What should be the response from those of us who belong to Jesus Christ?
  • When is war justifiable?
  • Is a society like The Community even possible? Wouldn’t we still see man’s inherent sinful nature manifest itself in every individual?
  • What would compel us to risk or even give up our lives for another?
  • Which freedoms are most valuable, worth risking everything for?

In the movie, the leader of the Community (Meryl Streep) states, “When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.” Yet as we see in Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), people often choose to do right. There is a quality in the human spirit – I believe it is the Imago Dei* – that makes us long for truth, justice, and love. This indomitable spirit often leads to acts of heroism, including the giving of one’s life for another.THE GIVER The display of this spirit through Jonas’s character is probably the best part of the film.

Be aware that this is not a Christian film, and yet Christian messages can be gleaned from the story. When The Giver depicts religion, it shows various religions and forms of worship. This may raise questions in your children’s minds about other faiths. Take this opportunity to discuss different belief systems with your children from a biblical perspective. Arm your children and grandchildren with the truth. Do it before they become intrigued with ideas that have an exotic appeal but lead only to spiritual blindness. A blindness as insidious as the black-and-white world portrayed in The Giver.

I recommend this movie. It’s good entertainment and provides ample opportunity for discussion. Apply biblical truth, and it’s a win-win.

*Latin for “image of God.” This refers to the fact that God created humans, both male and female, in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Thus, all humans have intrinsic value imparted by God, whatever their abilities, disabilities, functions, skin color, age, development, intelligence, social standing, gender, etc.

Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Kendrick Brothers: Upcoming Fifth Movie

Alex and Stephen Kendrick

Alex and Stephen Kendrick pose outside The Gem Theater in historic downtown Kannapolis, N.C., after filming car scenes for their new movie. (Courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films, Photo credit: Kevin Peeples)

For two years, people have been asking me when the Kendrick brothers will be doing another film. Well, here’s the answer: Alex and Stephen Kendrick—creators of hit faith films FIREPROOF, FACING THE GIANTS, and COURAGEOUS—have just wrapped principal photography on their fifth movie, yet unnamed. This one is about prayer and features New York Times best-selling author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer. In addition to Shirer, the cast includes T.C. Stallings (Remember the really mean gang leader in COURAGEOUS? In real life a nice guy and good actor), Alex Kendrick (MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, COURAGEOUS), Robert Amaya (MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, COURAGEOUS) and veteran actress Karen Abercrombie (MY NAME IS PAUL, MOUNTAIN TOP). It introduces comedian Michael Jr. as Michael and Alena Pitts as Danielle, and features a cameo by renowned speaker Beth Moore in her first acting role.

Each Kendrick Brothers film explores a subject deeply important to Christians and the Christian life: personal integrity in FLYWHEEL, resilient faith in FACING THE GIANTS, loving marriages in FIREPROOF and heroic parenting in COURAGEOUS. The fifth film is a family drama with humor and heart focused on the power of prayer and its primary role in the Christian life.

WR_WRAP-12“We made this film to inspire, challenge and motivate families to fight the right kind of battles and to fight them the best way possible,” said Director and Co-Writer Alex Kendrick. “We have plans for everything—careers, finances, health. But what about a strategy for prayer for our lives, our spouses and our children?”

Filmed in and around Charlotte, N.C., this is the first Kendrick Brothers project shot outside their hometown of Albany, Ga. It drew more than 1,000 volunteers from 85 churches in the Charlotte area who stepped up and reached across denominational lines to support the production.

“We’re going after something here that could radically improve our culture, and moviegoers will experience it within the context of an inspiring and emotional story,” Producer and Co-Writer Stephen Kendrick said. “Prayer is so much more than people realize. It can powerfully affect every problem and need in our lives if engaged from within a vibrant relationship with God.”

Alex Kendrick, Dr. Tony Evans, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Stephen Kendrick pray over the Mitchell family and ask God to bless their home in Jesus’ name (the Mitchell home served as filming location for the Jordan family). (Courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident

Alex Kendrick, Dr. Tony Evans, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Stephen Kendrick pray over the Mitchell family and ask God to bless their home in Jesus’ name (the Mitchell home served as filming location for the Jordan family). (Courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident

It makes sense that the Kendricks would make a movie about prayer, since every movie to date has been bathed in prayer from before conception through post-release. I’m looking forward to seeing what the brothers have in store for us this time. What about you?

In fact, let’s all join in and pray that the film will be what God wants it to be and have the effect on our families and culture that He wants it to have.

Jeanne Dennis, Heritage of Truth
A family-friendly drama, the film is about learning to fight the right kinds of battles. Filled with humor, wit and heart, it follows Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a middle-class couple, and their daughter, Danielle, as they struggle through personal, marital and spiritual issues. Their lives are forever changed after Elizabeth meets an elderly widow who helps her develop a secret prayer room in her home.

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